Openly gay politician to become German vice-chancellor

Out-and-proud Guido Westerwelle, head of Germany's Free Democratic Party, will most likely take the post of vice-chancellor in the near future.

Germany is probably about to witness the ascension of its first homosexual vice-chancellor, following Sunday’s national election.

Guido Westerwelle will soon become Germanys first openly homosexual vice-chancellor.
Guido Westerwelle will soon become Germany's first openly homosexual vice-chancellor.

Guido Westerwelle, leader of the nation’s Free Democratic Party, has a history of breaking ground in German politics. After officially proclaiming his homosexuality in 2004, Westerwelle became the first admittedly gay leader of a major national political party.

While election results show the Free Democratic Party ranking only second in popularity, a recently formed coalition with the more influential Christian Democratic Union will help to solidify its place in the new administration.

The UK Telegraph predicts that the new vice-chancellor may be granted more power than usually surrounds the post, as Westerwelle “could win more than the normal three cabinet positions traditionally reserved for the junior partner in a coalition government.”

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Zachary Culler

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