African area makes sweep against gays

A number of gay arrests and charges have occurred in southern Africa.
Blantyre, Malawi in Africa has been the site of many gay arrests. (courtesy of

BLANTYRE, Malawi—A number of gay arrests and charges have occurred in southern Africa.

After the government charged a gay couple with two felonies facing them with up to 14 years in prison, debates over gay rights have increased.

A man received two months of community service for posting pro-gay rights posters.

“A group of Malawian human rights activists recently formed the Center for the Development of People to fight for the rights of homosexuals and other minorities. The group says studies show that because of homophobic legislation, gays and lesbians are driven underground making them hard to reach with information that could protect them from AIDS,” the Associated Press reported.

Other parts of Africa are facing gay debates, as well. Uganda will soon decide on a proposal to impose the death sentence on some gays.

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