Better Than Sex


Sex: one of society’s most controversial, yet desirable activities. This historically taboo subject is widely accepted as an affirmation of love between two people — what could be better than that?

“Better than sex” is a common phrase used to exaggerate how good something is. Someone may say “Mmm, this cake is better than sex….” “I got this amazing new mascara–it’s called ‘Better Than Sex….’” “You have to try this pizza. It might honestly be better than sex….” 

These phrases that compare food, objects or experiences to sex are usually spoken by people who have had sex and enjoy having it, which adds to the weight of what they’re saying. 

For someone who is asexual, however, literally everything is better than sex.

Asexuality is a broad spectrum that encompasses people who have little to no desire for sex. Asexual people can still fall in love, be in relationships and even choose to engage in sexual activity and self-pleasure. It’s important to note asexuality is a sexual orientation, just as bisexual, lesbian, gay, etc. are. Love does not equal sex. 

People who identify as asexual, or “ace,” often feel as though something is wrong with them, or that they are “broken” for not having an interest in sex. This is absolutely false—asexuality is a valid identity that deserves to be acknowledged and spoken about, both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.

Photos by Savanna Harlin and Alyssa Coyle 

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