(Bisexual) girls just want to have fun

Our web editor wonders if "curious" girls are worth the chase.

When a girl gives a promising smile or that special look, the heart tends to melt faster than the brain can think.  It takes about ten seconds for me to run through the options in my head.  Should I retreat?  Should I ask for a name?  Am I really going to risk rejection for one conversation?

Then, the question I dread most crushes the other insecurities I might have when I’m trying to approach a girl.  And my worst fear turns into my best pick-up line.

“You are so pretty. You must be straight.”

Hitting on a girl who is straight can be intimidating, embarrassing and ultimately disappointing.  After going to the Interbelt a few times, however, I think I conquered this fear.

My newest self-inflicted trauma involves hitting on girls who consider their sexuality “experimental.”

These girls can’t flat out reject lesbian attention because they secretly desire to have it.  This new wave of experimental bisexuals will at least give you the benefit of hanging out a few times here or there until their fear of dating another girl takes hold.

These “bi-rental” (bisexual and experimental) girls will date you in private, but the locked hands drop as soon as daylight hits.  Being introduced to friends is a luxury, and being introduced to mom and dad isn’t even a conversation.

“Bi-rentals” have the luxury of flirting with whoever they please because their half-hearted commitment isn’t known to lesbians or straight men.  The poor lesbian these “bi-rentals” string along is left wondering what she did wrong.

Usually, the answer is simple. She was born a girl, and some girls just don’t date girls.

Whenever a friend tells me she met a cool girl but tells me her new prospect doesn’t know if she likes girls, I take warning signs from my past and throw them at her.

I don’t think all people who question their sexuality are bad people. Don’t mistake my warning for prejudice.  After all, I kissed a boy before I kissed a girl, and I’m writing this blog.

As much as I support sexual freedom, no one deserves to be someone’s experiment.  There are ways to question one’s own feelings without hurting another’s.

So the next time you are sitting at that coffee shop or out at a club and you see a smile you can’t resist, think twice.  You might have just become her next victim.

Marchaè Grair
Web editor

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