Break in 20 years of HIV/AIDS research

20 years of research leads to a breakthrough in analyzing how HIV/AIDS medication actually works.
Computer rendition of the HIV virus. (Photo from
Computer rendition of the HIV virus. (Photo from

LONDON — British and U.S. scientists stated in a report Sunday new findings on how current medications affect AIDS and could improve HIV treatment.

The joint research endeavor was a breakthrough in 20 years of research, according to the study. Crystal structures outlining the shape of the integrase enzyme, used by the HIV virus to alter infected-persons’ DNA, allow scientists to see how current drugs inhibit the enzyme.

“Despite initially painstakingly slow progress and very many failed attempts,” Peter Cherepanov, Imperial College London researcher, said, “we did not give up and our effort was finally rewarded.”

Researchers expect new forms of HIV medication and prevention to be produced, as a result.

For further reading, see the article by Reuters.

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