Say Hello to Buck-Off, the First Sex Toy Marketed to Trans Men

Buck Angel, a trans activist and adult film producer, is now offering a new product called The Buck-off. Buck-off is the first marketed specifically to trans men, and aims to provide a natural feel that matches up with their gender.


The toy industry predominantly markets their products to cisgender people, ignoring the customer base. This product aims to fix that. The Buck-off is flexible, stroke-able, and phallic shaped. It comes with a suction-inducing base. It’s made of a soft and stretchy “SilaSkin,” which is a proprietary blend of rubber and Silicone. This sex toy works with all lubes as well.

Perfect Fit, a sex toy company with a focus in men’s products, will be distributing the Buck-off on their website. Steve Callow, Perfect Fit Brand President and CEO, talked in a press release about the company’s pride in providing service and products to the LGBT community.

“Our philosophy has always been to make products to enhance the sexual experience,” says Callow, “and Buck believes this toy will help trans men explore their bodies and be more confident in their sexuality. That’s all we needed to hear, and we are proud to be associated with Buck on this project.”

buck angel

Buck Angel

Other products for trans men have been made in the past. A number of different types of products such as the Real Doe and the Bro Sleeve. What makes the Buck-off unique is the closed design and suction base allowing for a more specific jerking motion.

Buck Angel spoke with Perfect Fit in the same press release on the importance of representing the trans community in the marketplace.

“I am so excited to finally be releasing an adult toy specific to the trans male community,” says Angel. “This is something I have been working on for years, and have approached many companies within the adult world, only to be told ‘there is no market’ – it has been frustrating, to say the least.”

“It means so much to me to be working with a company which not only cares about making a quality, truly functional product, but understands and cares to support my community and be an ally.”

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