Collages: A Vision Of Community

Art as a form of communication and expression can be invaluable during challenging times. Here, Photo Editor Amanda Stayer explores uncertainty and during the pandemic.

With so much of our lives consumed with hardship, it’s important to look ahead to what the future can bring. In a time when it is easy to be consumed by troubled thoughts, we need to remind ourselves that it will not last forever. We must keep an optimistic outlook. We will see our friends, hug our loved ones and have a sense of normalcy again. If we all do our part, this is what the future can have in store. If we stay home now, there can be so many adventures waiting for us, just around the corner.

In a world full of uncertainty of what tomorrow brings, we persist. We carry on in the face of opposition. We move forward in spite of difficulty. We hold strong despite adversity. We come together as a community, a united front against the troubled times we live in, no matter where we are. We can one day thrive again. But for right now, we hold on tight, and we persist.

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