Fall Doesn’t Mean Dreary, Deary


If you think 2012 was just another season of meaningless men’s fashion, think again. It’s the neon-colored tank tops and the Crayola themed short shorts hanging in your color-coded closet that usher in a new (but borrowed) era. Oh come on – don’t even pretend like your closet isn’t organized in the utmost ROYGBIV fashion.

I don’t know when the fluorescent fashion of the 80s began parading itself as the trendy fashion of today’s gay twenty-something’s, but I have to admit, I kind of like it. The bright colors make all the gay guys look a little more … innocent. And with all her mighty power, God knows we need a little less judgment these days.

As you say your goodbyes to yet another summer full of late night laughs, intoxicated mistakes and long, boring hours behind the customer service desks, you most certainly shouldn’t dismiss your newfound love for the colorful craze.

Just because the weather is going to be cooler soon, and the days aren’t going to last as long come a month from today, you still have all the knowledge you need to keep your wardrobe just as colorful as you are. But because is on the horizon, it’s time to shift those colors just a tad over on the color wheel. I’m thinking a fitted, burnt red v-neck sweater should succeed that fire engine red you loved so much.


You probably wore something like this on one of those scorchers back in July:



So use that same colorful inspiration and wear something like this for the now:






Gentlemen, tune in next time to check out some thrifty ways to keep your wardrobe classy (and affordable) this fall and winter!


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