Fusion Launches “Fusion Revamped” Fundraising Campaign

Fusion Magazine is set to launch a new fundraising campaign for the spring semester, entitled .

The goal of Fusion Revamped is to help in continuing efforts to report on issues in Northeast Ohio, and will include product sales, personal stories and fun events throughout the semester.

“We have been the voice of LGBTQ journalism in northeast Ohio since 2003 — before gay marriage was even legal anywhere in the U.S.,” says Editor-in-Chief MJ Eckhouse. “We’re raising funds so we can continue promoting equality, providing news and in-depth articles about local LGBTQ issues and offering practical experience to student journalists.”

The campaign will have two tiers: one focusing on donations and contributions, and the other on product sales.

Product incentives will be offered for donations, as listed below:

  • $5 – One sheet of stickers and a button
  • $15 – One sheet of stickers, an armband and a button
  • $25 – One sheet of stickers, a button and a t-shirt
  • $50 – One sheet of stickers, a button, a t-shirt and a personalized thank-you note signed by the whole staff
  • $100 or more – One sheet of stickers, a t-shirt, a personalized thank-you note signed by the whole staff and inclusion in a shout-out to our donors article in the print edition.

Fusion hopes to raise over $100 in contributions and $250 in sales by the end of the spring semester. Proceeds will be used for printing costs, website maintenance and employee compensation.

“Your donation helps Ohio’s LGBTQ community and allies stay informed about current events and helps educate the next generation of journalists,” says Eckhouse.

Be sure to stay connected with Fusion online for more information about fundraising and events.

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