Fusion Reviews: ARTPOP

by Blythe

Ever since it was announced that ARTPOP was slated as Lady ’s next album, Little Monsters have been impatiently waiting for Nov. 11 to get here. Born This Way was a perfect follow-up to The Fame, but fans can only listen to Judas so many times before they need something new to captivate their eardrums.

ARTPOP showed promise right off the bat with Lady Gaga’s live performance of her single “Applause” at the MTV Video Awards. Soon after came the iTunes Festival, which Lady Gaga opened on Sept. 1 with music from ARTPOP, including “Swine”, “Aura”, and the title song, “ARTPOP”.

It didn’t take long for clips of the show to show up on Youtube, much to the joy of Little Monsters everywhere – and soon after came the official track listing.

ARTPOP is shaping out to be a strong fourth studio album in Gaga’s repertoire. The techno dance beats are fresh, and in usual Gaga fashion, there isn’t one stagnant genre on the album. Among the contemporary pop singles is a beautiful blend of rock and hip hop while maintaining that quality that is uniquely Gaga. The music is so well crafted to fit the poetic lyrics, and the track list fits perfectly together.

However, not everything can be one hundred percent perfect. While “Applause” was a fantastic first single, it’s a bit disappointing that “Do What U Want” and “Venus” made the cut and “Aura” did not. While the former two are both great in their own right, “Aura” has a sound far superior. The initial verse is raw, and it climbs steadily until you reach the chorus – a melody almost haunting as it speaks as an anthem to the person you are at the core. It’s about owning yourself, despite how society thinks you should behave and feel.

At the end of the day, fans will still be waiting for the official release of ARTPOP. With 15 songs and a total length of just under an hour, it’s sure to be another showstopper for Lady Gaga.

ARTPOP, a new album from Lady Gaga, releases in November.

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