Get Wild

It is no secret that I love animal print. So much so, that I can testify that at least 1/3 of my possessions ranging from accessories and bedding to even the tissue box in my room are covered in it. I’ve always thought animal print is so much fun and I love wearing it constantly. Not everyone loves

Zebra print cardigans and leopard scarves are always a nice addition to one's wardrobe.- Photo by Jackie DeMate

animal print as much as I do, but I do think there are a few key pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe.


Flats– I believe in never owning enough shoes, and a must have for your closet is a pair of animal print flats. These are a must have because they give an added pop to any outfit very easily. The great thing about flats is that you can basically wear them year round because they look good with skinny jeans, skirts, shorts and dresses. (Example)


Bag– I’m a firm believer in the thought that everyone should own one animal print bag in their life. It’s an added statement to any outfit, and transitions well through seasons. Another good thing about animal print is that it comes back into trend easily, so they’re often easy to find. I was lucky enough to find my zebra print tote at Walmart for 5 dollars, but any store at the mall generally has reasonably priced animal print bags for less than thirty dollars (Example).


One Main Statement Piece– If there’s one thing you should do it’s own one garment of clothing that is made entirely of animal print. Preferably a dress, cardigan, jacket, or shirt, are always a fine addition to any wardrobe. If you are having trouble knowing what color accessories to wear, then you can almost never go wrong with red (Example).


WARNING: No matter how great animal print may be, too much of any great thing certainly has its downsides. It is best to never wear more than one animal print item at a time. Too much can be overpowering and possibly cause you to be mistaken for

A. A fashion victim.

B. A hybrid between big foot and the wild animal you are trying to incorporate into your attire.

C. Nicki Minaj.


As I always say, if that’s your thing then hey, go ahead. But if things like that concern you then always check the amount of animal print you have on before leaving the room.



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