He and She – A Poem

He feels wrong in his skin.


It’s her body,

curved and sharp and delicate,


It tears at him,

clawing against his ribcage

as he is once again called “she”.

She loves her skin.

It’s her body,

long and narrow yet curved and small,


It’s a comfort,

it makes her feel wanted,

gives her something to fight her darkness with.

He and she are scared of being he,

and are even more afraid of being he and she.

Because then

there can never be a clean cut,

an end,

a completion of a transition,

just always switching.

he then she then he then she,


It’s terrifying.

But he is sometimes she,

and she is sometimes he,

and that is how it is,

like it or not.

They are learning how to love themself in their skin,

to ignore what people say,

to ignore what people think of them.

She is learning how to love herself and him,
And he to love himself and her.

To ignore what people say-

to be comfortable.

And maybe someday,

both she and he will coexist
And they will be happy.

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