I Know You're Lonely, But You're Not Alone.

Kurt faces homophobia head-on as Glee club sings an array of duets, both magical and mediocre.
Schuester congratulates Mercedes and Santana after their powerful duet. Photo: Copyright 2010 screen captured by daemonstv.com

This week’s episode of Glee highlighted a new character as well as characters who don’t usually get the limelight. The episode was full of high school innocence meshed with sexual tension, loneliness and unrequited feelings. It boldly and gracefully addressed issues with homosexuality.

Theme. Mr. Schuester opens the episode by announcing Noah Puckerman (lovingly known as Puck) has been sent to Juvie for driving his mom’s Volvo through a convenience store window and stealing an ATM machine inside. First reaction: Hahaha, oh, Puck. Second reaction: Wait! A Puck-less episode?!?! But the show must go on, so Mr. Schuester decides Glee club will perform duets. Let the chaotic chorus begin…

What I Loved.

  • Kurt in general. Kurt Hummel is one of my favorite Glee characters (as if I could pick just one!) and he proves he is worthy every week. He is open and, even in the face of any negativity, proud of the young man he is. And he owns the most fabulous wardrobe — I would love to have the military-inspired jacket he wore in this episode. Kurt declares to his father that he is the only openly gay kid in the school, and probably the whole town, and he isn’t about to hide it. Kurt deserves love and companionship as we all do, but he faces deeper struggles than the usual acne and mixed signals of high school–any guy he falls for ends up being devastatingly straight.
For the second episode in a row, Kurt takes center stage in the storyline and has a solo. Love it! Photo: copyright 2010 wikipedia.com
  • The new Gleek: Sam. Large-mouthed, bottle-blonde Sam comes at just the right time. Before the original Glee cast can grow stale, Sam brings a breath of fresh air with his charm, voice and guitar skills. Quinn and his cover of “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat was cute and bubbly.
  • Speaking of Sam and Quinn…they actually have chemistry. Glee’s relationships tend to fall short: Schuester and Emma’s fling was awkward; Tina and Mike Chung’s new relationship only plays on their ethnicity and little else; and Finn and Quinn were just a couple of bozos thrown together. But I think Sam and Quinn can actually portray real emotion together and properly represent the hesitant, blissful first steps of a crush.
  • Rachel and Finn’s cover of…that religious song (It’s not on iTunes! Anyone know the name of it?). It was purposefully rude, which made it incidentally hilarious. Finn wearing a Clerical collar and Rachel in a nun’s-habit-meets-dirty-schoolgirl ensemble: Can’t get much more ridiculous than that.
  • The light-up wheels on Artie’s wheelchair. Even with his squeaky voice and legit geek wardrobe, he’s got some sort of style!
  • Rachel and Kurt’s duet, “Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy.” The song emphasized Rachel’s quote, which titles this blog: “I know you’re lonely, but you’re not alone.” This duet also spoke to the recent gay teens’ suicides and abuse, as well as the ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality.

Puck was sorely missed this episode, though Sam tried his best to fill his spot. Photo: copyright 2010 screen captured by bestweekever.tv

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Brittany’s sleeping around. Ok, so Brittany and Santana hooked up: Whatever, it was for the comedy affect. What bugged me was how Brittany was revealed to have slept with every guy on the football team and seemingly most of the rest of the school. Why does the cheerleader have to be portrayed as easy and without morals? Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but a girl who is having sex with every guy in the school and thinking little of it…that’s just sad.
  • Rachel and Finn’s duets are nice but are growing increasingly predictable.
  • Kurt’s father, Burt, is back at home, posted up on the couch and eating soup. Wait–what? Last week, he seemed to be near death as everyone sang songs to bring him back to this world, and now he’s doling out advice? I understand the show jumped from one situation to another for time’s sake, but a little transition would have been nice.
  • No Puck to gaze at… He’d better be out of Juvie in time for next week’s episode!
  • Quinn (or, rather, Dianna Argon) needs singing lessons…her voice just doesn’t match the rest, power-wise.

Top Brittany Quotes From This Episode.

  • Schuester: “So, what is a duet?” Brittany: “A blanket.”
  • “For a while I thought you were a robot.”
  • “I’m mad at you. But you’re still so hot.”

Next Week: Are you ready for this? Glee does Rocky Horror Picture Show for the Halloween episode.

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