I'm Afraid I'm Gonna Show Off Some Nuttage

Glee does Halloween their way: In full costume, brimming with insecurities and quirky drama and, of course, singing at the top of their lungs. Wait, that kind of sounds like Halloween in Kent...
New Directions belts it out in The Rocky Horror Glee Show. Photo: Copyright 2010. Screen captured by blogs.chron.com

In the October 26th episode of Glee, the vocally-blessed cast did Halloween their way: In full costume, brimming with insecurities and quirky drama and, of course, singing at the top of their lungs. Wait, that kind of sounds like Halloween in Kent…

Theme. Mr. Schuester decides Glee Club will cover The Rocky Horror Film Show, in hopes of winning back Emma (more on that later). His plan is to have the Glee kids perform the entire show–edited for younger viewers–for the public, sell tickets and raise money for transportation to Nationals in New York City. But, as it usually does in TV world, things end up going awry.

What I Loved.

  • “Sue’s Corner” on WOHN News. If this was an actual news program, I would watch it every day. Sue Sylvester continues to be the most entertaining character, with props to multitalented Jane Lynch. In her Corner tonight, she discusses what Halloween is really all about. “We’ve lost the true feeling of Halloween…fear.” She urges moms to freak out their kids and convince them that Daddy is a flesh-eating zombie. When two cable TV execs (including Rocky Horror original cast member, Barry Bostwick, in a cameo) approach Sue to do a Glee exposé, she doesn’t blink an eye at the opportunity to earn a “Local Emmy” and smash Glee Club in one clean sweep. All in all, Miss Lynch just earned the top spot on my “Celebs I Want to Meet” list.
  • John Stamos gets all Uncle Jesse on us. Photo: Copyright 2010. Screen captured by daemonstv.com

    John Stamos and the reincarnation of Uncle Jesse. Stamos, who plays Emma’s dentist-boyfriend Carl, is definitely rocking his Uncle Jesse roots from his Full House days. And I love it. Carl channels the hottest uncle on the block with his rock n’ rollin’ rendition of “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?”, hot motorcycle and fluffy hairdo while playing Eddie. I am hit with Full House nostalgia as Stamos surprisingly lights up the screen, even in a cast of actors with much more talent.

  • Becky’s Halloween costume. Sue’s newest cheerleader/spy dresses as scary Sylvester herself. Wearing a red Adidas tracksuit with a whistle strung around her neck, Becky is the cuter version of Sue. And she knows exactly what she wants: She tells Schuester, “Give me some chocolate or I will cut you!”
  • Kurt, once again, earns a spot on my Loved List. He does a great portrayal of creepy, balding Riff Raff, and continues to show off his vocal range.

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Mr. Schuester’s creeping. Lovable, curly-haired Schue has officially reached creeper status, and it’s upsetting. Evidence #1: He decides Glee Club’s theme, only after hearing about Emma’s romantic Rocky Horror date with Carl. Schue is willing to push the boundaries with Glee Club members, not to let them express themselves, but to try and win back his ex-girlfriend. Evidence #2: Schuester talks Sam out of playing Rocky just so he could play him instead, to battle it out with Carl while sporting flashy gold shorts. Schue continues to make skeevy, back-handed attempts to reclaim Emma as his own, but as punishment for his creepiness, I hope he doesn’t win her back!
  • Another episode without Puck. What is the writing staff smoking? But, thank God, next episode’s preview tells us PUCK IS BACK from Juvie with his scandalous mohawk rightfully regrown. Unfortunately, Glee doesn’t have a new episode for another 2 weeks, but the wait will be worth it when Puck finally graces the screen.

As always, Kurt steals the show, even in heavy makeup and a wig. Photo: Copyright 2010 parade.com

Top Brittany Quotes. My fave airhead didn’t get much screentime this time around, so I’ve added other characters’ funny lines.

  • Brittany: “[For Halloween,] I’m going as a peanut allergy.”
  • Sue: “I should have known. People who dress as librarians…All sex addicts.”
  • Sam: [Today’s blog title]: “I’m afraid I’m gonna show off some nuttage.”
  • Finn: “I have no idea what’s going on in this script, and it’s not in a cool, Inception way.”

Next Week: The next new episode airs November 10, titled “Never Been Kissed.” Puck is back with new ear piercings, Kurt might transfer to a different school and Schuester crosses a line (again).

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