Let’s Talk Pronouns

Alyssa Maziarz

In honor of International Day, which is celebrated on October 21, Fusion is bringing awareness to the importance of using an individual’s pronouns. 

Pronouns are a part of our everyday lives, but some don’t think about them as often as others. This lack of education can lead to misconceptions about pronouns. It is important to educate not only yourself, but others on the gravity of this issue. 

The Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at , Katie Mattise, explains in a written response, “Pronouns are reflections of who people are and when you use the correct pronouns, you’re validating and respecting who someone is.” 

Pronouns give people a way to express themselves and develop their sense of self. By not using someone’s correct pronouns, it could be seen as deeply offensive or harmful. 

Mattise explains, “You don’t necessarily need to understand exactly why someone uses a certain pronoun, you just need to use it.”

How do you go about educating yourself and others on this issue? Mattise explained that there are multiple ways to work using pronouns into your everyday life. It could be as simple as “introducing yourself with your pronouns when meeting new people or by including them in your email signature,” they say. It is also impolite to assume others’ pronouns, and if you are not sure, you can ask. 

Mattise also says that it might take some getting used to. It’s okay to make a mistake, but when you realize that you are making the mistake, you have the ability to correct yourself and move forward. 

By spreading knowledge on this subject, we get closer to a more inclusive and accepting society.

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