NYC police allegedly ignore gay bashing

A New York City man claims that police disregarded the anti-gay assault recently inflicted upon him and others.
Blake Hayes, NYC radio personality, claims that police ignored his reports of an antigay assault.
Blake Hayes, NYC radio personality, claims that police ignored his reports of an anti-gay assault.

New York City radio DJ Blake Hayes of WPLJ is causing a stir by claiming that local police officers refused to take action in his defense during a gay-bashing early Saturday morning.

Hayes was walking with a few friends down Ninth Avenue when he was confronted by an intimidating man spewing anti-gay slurs, which eventually led to a heated argument between the two parties. The unidentified man then reportedly threatened violence before hurling one of Hayes’ comrades into a parked car. The subsequent altercation was broken up by the bouncer of a nearby bar, who later allowed the violent man back into his establishment without question.

During the fight, Hayes reported that approximately five police officers showed up, but did nothing to aid the victims or pursue legal action against the man.

Christine Quinn, the New York City Council speaker, who is a lesbian, disturbed by these allegations, has arranged for an investigation into this matter and a mediation between the policemen and the victims this week.

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Zachary Culler

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