On self and self-love: student poetry submission

Stephen Francis

The following are poems excerpted from junior English major Dorisha Hendrix’s forthcoming book, “Without a Sound,” which will be available on Amazon later this year.


Coming out


She is so beautiful

So breathtaking

And I love her still


I love her now as I did then

And as the hours go

She’ll never know


And maybe somewhere

Only we know

In a different universe


We’re together

And here is a place

I can love her

The way she deserves 


Proceed with caution


I gather all my memories

Packing them away 

Tightly enough

To shove to the back of the closet


Maybe here is where they should’ve stayed

The desire in me to be loved by a woman

Something I desperately needed

As a child


Now turning into

The faint idea

To be a hero

And pry between

Weak thighs


I was only here

As a visitor

Now a part of me remains vacant

Looking for fulfillment

Here was once your own


I was wrong

To accept the invite

How my curiosity

Ate away at the ones

Who I couldn’t love 


I remember my first pride

Never have I felt

So much love and acceptance

I was being pulled

To the front of the closet


Someone please

Keep the doors shut

I am not fit 

To love another

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