POEM: Not Conforming

Photo by Charles Hutchins.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”
I pause, a mess
Is that a stain on my brand new dress
or am I just seeing things.
You asked me that question
in front of a crowd
their confronting eyes,
their judgment blinds
me and I’m frozen
What do I say,
You all know I’m gay*
I stepped out of the door
and yet you need more
information from me.
You have to know everything.background-po-quote
Is it that hard
to exist?

They say ignorance is bliss,
but I’ve never known peace
I’m a beast in a cage
ready to break from these chains
of cis conforming roles
and heteronormativity
that bounds me
from being myself.
I glare at you
smiling uncomfortably through ruby glossed lips
and a contoured face
out of my comfort zone and out of place
I answer

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