‘Queer the Census’ campaign launched

LGBT activists are launching a "Queer the Census" campaign to help build in the support of same-sex couples being counted in the census.

“The U.S Census Bureau will be making an official count of same-sex couples next spring while LGBT activists will attempt to ‘queer the census’ with a grassroots write-in campaign,” according to 365gay.com.

The statistics on same-sex couples have been available through the Census data since 1990, but the 2010 Census will bring a new approach to counting gay couples and reporting the statistics. In 1990, the Census Bureau added “unmarried partner” to its questionnaire counting same-sex unmarried couples.

“This is a real change from the way we’ve been treated in the past,” said Molly McKay of Marriage Equality USA.

The bureau also committed to counting same-sex couples both married and unmarried next year and releasing the statistics. They also announced the first-ever LGBT Complete Count Committees in California in preparation for the 2010 Census.

The campaign www.queerthecensus.org allows people to get a pink and purple

"Queer the Census" sticker from www.queerthecensus.org
"Queer the Census" sticker courtesy of www.queerthecensus.org

 “Queer the Census” sticker to put on the back of their Census mailer. The sticker says, “Everyone deserves to be counted. It’s time to queerthecensus.org.”

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