Spin your heart out

Picture 4I’m usually not one to embrace the gay stereotypes. Sure, I spend almost every Saturday night in a gay bar and I  shamelessly spend time chatting on Grindr. But I also shop for the “latest” fashion at Target or Marshalls and I have no problem asking a straight guy friend, who dresses more metro than I do, to fix my self-given haircuts every once in a while. I really should stop trying to cut my own hair, by the way.

As the only guy in what I call my “all-girl-except-matt” spin class, I finally embraced a gay that I succeed at with flying colors… wait, I could probably use a better metaphor for that. Oh well. It’s my last semester of college, so I decided that I finally wanted to get off my ass and take an class. The only class that appealed to me, because I’m a cardio whore when I work out, was . Oh, I guess that’s another stereotype I can check off the list.

As if it’s not enough just to be a guy taking a spin class, The girl next to me on the first day says “Oh hey, you’re the only guy in here! That’s okay you can be an honorary lady with us” Little does she know I’ve carried that title proudly since 1989.

I guess I’m becoming more stereotypical as this blog progresses.

If you’re looking for a good exercise class, though, that really embraces cardiovascular health while toning your body, spinning is the class for you! Seriously. It’s just twice a week in the rec center and all you have to do is keep a daily journal of your heart rate. Easy peasy! If you’re a girl, you’ll fit right in. If you’re a gay guy … you’ll fit right in. If you’re a lesbian, well, you’ll enjoy it much more than I am. If you’re a straight dude … need I say more?

Moral of the story: Take a spin class. It’s a good cardio workout that will expose muscles in your legs you never thought existed, and it will keep your ass the life of the party at the bar every weekend. Dammit, another stereotype.




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