Staff Bios


Simon Husted | Editor
You don’t need to be gay to be the editor of Fusion. You don’t need to study journalism, or believe in LGBT activism either. All of those characteristics belong to me, but that’s not why I became editor. Fusion is a magazine full of stories about people–about their lifestyles, their differences, their conflicts and their struggles. It’s not a magazine build on issues or political rhetoric, or common sense information. People read Fusion to read the stories of people. And this is why I have worked for Fusion ever since Spring 2009.

Julie Sickel | Managing Editor

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Greg Porter | Web Editor

Greg Porter is the web editor for Fusion, as well as a staff writer. He is currently a senior VCD major with a minor in writing. When not flaunting his sexuality in front of churches and advocating special rights for LGBT individuals and other sinners, he enjoys making fun of Mormon writers and talking about penises on his blog.

Cody Wallis | Art Director

Cody Wallis, Art Director of Fusion magazine, is a senior Visual Communication Design major. He believes in Fusion as a communication, an advocate, and a work of art within the LGBT community.

Brooke DiDonato | Photo Editor

Prior to becoming photo editor for Fusion, I was a staff photographer for two semesters. My favorite part about working for Fusion is the variety of content we cover each semester. The stories always give a fresh perspective on the LGBT community and I think that’s what makes Fusion so exciting to read. “

Katie Pannell | Marketing DirectorNo bio yet.

Jacquelyn Bergeron | Social Media Editor

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Kelli Fitzpatrick | Staff Writer / BloggerI’m Kelli Fitzpatrick, a sophomore Magazine Journalism major. I am a writer and online contributor for Fusion magazine. I may not be of the LGBT crowd, but I am a “straight ally” as they call it. I love learning new things about the LGBT culture, soaking up news during this monumental gay rights movement and sharing what I uncover.

Kate Murphy | Staff Writer / Blogger

I’m Kate Murphy, a junior magazine journalism major from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a staff writer and web blogger for Fusion magazine. What interested me about Fusion was how the magazine, and the people who work for it, are not afraid to be different and put themselves out there. This magazine is bold; and I was drawn to it’s originality, creativity, and spirit.

Matthew Lewis | Staff Writer / Blogger

I’m Matt Lewis, and I’m a junior here at Kent State. I’m majoring in Applied Communication, which is a communication degree that heavily focuses on media relations. I’ve been a staff writer with Fusion since August 2010 and web writer since January 2011. I love being a part of something that advocates human equality and LGBT liberation– it’s all about sharing the love.

Maranda Shrewsberry | Staff Writer / Blogger

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Erika Kerr | Staff Writer

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Meghan Bogardus | Staff Writer

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Helene Miller | Staff Writer

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Jacqueline DeMate | Blogger

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Tami Ehrman | Blogger

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Kara Bindus | Blogger

I am a senior English major with an LGBT minor that has recently joined the Fusion team as a weekly blogger.  I identify with the LGBT community as well as support many of its endeavors.  I am looking forward to publishing with Fusion and working with its awesome team this year!  I also hope to take away a lot of new knowledge and plenty of experience! My blog is posted every sunday and will focus on the dynamics and social influences of drag in society.

Kathryn Coduto | Copy Editor / Blogger

Katy Coduto, sophomore electronic media management major, copyeditor for Fusion. I like that Fusion takes a stand for something, and I’m proud of what it stands for. Equality is incredibly important, and I think Fusion and publications like it are important in demonstrating that.

Brittany Nader | Copy Editor

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Jacob Byk | Photo Journalist

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Emma Borrelli | Photo Journalist

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Amy Loomis | Photo Journalist

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Nora Rodriguez | Photo Journalist

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Robert Sustersic | Photo Journalist

I am a transfer from University of Phoenix, Las Vegas.I am a Photo-Journalism major, as well as Photojournalist for Fusion,and I am dedicated to facilitating the civil rights process for everyone; especially minority cultures who have been targeted by the mainstream to protect a closed-minded way of life.

Katherine Armstrong | Designer

Katherine Armstrong, Junior, Information Design, Designer, thought It was a great chance to work within a diverse environment.

Jim Lightcap | Designer / Illustrator

Jim Lightcap is a 4th year student in the Visual Communication Design program. He has been inspired to work for Fusion his LGBT friends, and to support the LGBT movement with his talents as a graphic designer.

Jim comes to Kent state from Massillon, Ohio. He is currently completing an internship at a graphic design firm called In The Round Design Group, and is also completing an internship at Anderson Creative, an art gallery in the heart of the Canton Arts District. Jim has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for the Daily Kent Stater.

Melanie Fiorille | Designer

Melanie Fiorille, Senior, Information Design, Page Designer, and I’m interested in Fusion because I support anything LGBT and out of all the Kent State magazines I feel that Fusion fits me most and I like the design of the past issues.