Student artists showcase their work at Taylor Hall gallery

Over 300 student works were featured Thursday as Taylor Hall housed the Visual Communication Juried Student Show.

The gallery allowed from different VCD classes to submit their work to be presented to the public. Some of the works included a variety of photographs, showing off design skills and showed how much passion the students put into the works.

Walking through the gallery, some of the works displayed gave you grand emotions. Randall Crest, 19, felt a range of emotions from happiness to uncomfortable with some of the designs displayed.

The Visual Communication Design Student Show was just an idea that students thought would never happen. As some of the students’ professor, Molly Taggar, gave them a choice between quizzes and an exam or to hold an art gallery, the student preferred the art gallery.

“I felt that this gives the students a great opportunity, especially with most of them being seniors,” Taggart said. “It gives them an insight of what to expect when they go out and look for jobs and what they might be up against.”

She said she has great pride in all of her students work and feels that they should be expressed more outside of the classroom.

The turn out for the event was more than expected. With every corner you turned there were about seven or more people trying to look at the students works. The works displayed were varied, some were photographs, such as of a beehive or a goat, others were drawings.

Each work showed something different and showed what each student could do. Which is what Taggar and the other staff wanted to show.

Bjarki Peturrss, featured in the gallery, said it was a cool experience that he is glad to be apart of. He said he felt his work and others got put to actual use and probably gave more students encouragement and life to their designs.

As you looked at each work itself, you saw a different story or meaning behind it. Taggar  thanked everyone who came out and supported it. The gallery will be available to the public until December 14th, 2018.

Story and photos by Ashley Miller.

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