Taylor Swift’s latest combines fresh tracks with familiar style

Cover from Taylor’s new album, .
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From sappy love songs to wanting to cause public humiliation to any man who breaks her heart, writes it all. Her new album, Red, released on the 22nd, is just as diverse.

Swift is a twenty-two-year-old artist from Pennsylvania who moved to Nashville to pursue her career at the young age of fourteen.

Swift has won forty-two awards for her four albums, and she was honored an award by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame as well. It’s safe to say Taylor has gone far for someone so young. I guess all those heartbreaks really paid off!

Red was topping the iTunes chart within thirty-six minutes of its release. It sold 262,000 copies it’s first day, which is more than some bands can’t even sell in a year! Swift’s album is very different than her others.

Unlike the typical country or pop songs, this album has many different genres and emotions behind it, which is what really makes me enjoy this album. Every song sounds unique.

Here’s a few songs I enjoy the most:

22: This is a fun, upbeat tune about just letting loose and having fun. It makes me want to get up and dance or go for a drive.

Everything Has Changed: This is a duet with my favorite ginger, . It’s cute, romantic song, and Ed and Taylor’s harmonies in the song are beautiful. I always thought of Ed Sheeran as the male counterpart of Taylor Swift. With their duet, my theory is proven!

I Knew You Were Trouble: This song is fun because it sounds completely different than anything Taylor has done before. It’s got a bit of Dubstep in it, which I usually hate. But this song is catchy! It adds something different that I just really enjoy, and it’s addicting!

All Too Well: This one is a great song because it reminds me of the early Taylor Swift: the typical young country singer with her guitar. It sounds just like her very first album. Despite trying so many kinds of music, it makes me happy to see that she’s still tied to her roots. I love this song!

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