Trump Administration Looks to Redefine Gender Definiton

Earlier this week, it was discovered that the Trump administration was considering narrowing the definition of , according to a leaked memo obtained by the New York Times.

The proposed plan would redefine gender as an unchangeable condition defined entirely by a person’s biology. This memo was reportedly drafted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and has reportedly been circulating since this spring.

If this change was enacted as it is described in the memo, the legal definition of sex, defined under Title IX, would be determined as male or female based on the genitalia a person was born with, and disputes would be settled with a DNA test, according to the Times report. Title IX does not currently define sex.

According to The Guardian, United States diplomats have also advocated for the United Nations to remove “gender” from its collective statements, instead replacing it with the word “woman.”

Since this report was issued, the trans community has been in an outrage, claiming that both of these efforts are attempts by the Trump administration to erase people from the law, therefore stripping trans people of federal and international protections against sexual harassment. The community has rallied on social media under the hashtag .

Organizations across America have spoken out against this proposed change and in support of the trans community.

Lambda Legal, a legal organization advocating for rights, wrote on Twitter, “Transgender folks: You are valid. You matter. You are loved. We will not stop fighting for your rights and you WontBeErased by this heartless administration. .”

The Human Rights Campaign tweeted a repeated mantra of Trans rights are human rights” along with the statement “We WontBeErased” and a short video.

This isn’t the first time the Trump administration has attempted to infringe upon transgender rights. In March, Trump said he would back a plan created by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that would restrict the military service of transgender people. This plan came after Trump’s attempt last year to completely ban all trans people from joining the military, but was never enforced because of opposition from a U.S. court.

The Trump administration also threw out an Obama-era policy that sided with transgender teens in their choice about which school bathroom to use.

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