Twitter comedians explode with Hurricane #Sandy buzz

There’s nothing like a natural disaster that brings comedians barreling out of the woodwork– but has the comedy come too soon? Well, the religious Zealots blame the east coast homosexuals (and masturbators, even!) for , so it’s only appropriate that we comically put the crazies in their place. But in all seriousness, we hope that everyone is doing their best to stay safe out there and our thoughts are with the Sandy victims. In any case, enjoy some of these funny Sandy tweets to take your mind off the devastation …

 via @FrancisBoulle

via @Jamismithcomic

 via @Slackmistress

 via @DamienFahey

 via @TeaPartyCat

via @LizGillies


But in all seriousness …

Donate to the Red Cross to Help those in need

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