Valentine's Day Flower Delivery To Senate

Flowers will be sent to senators in Maryland to support gay marriage.
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Friendfactor, a web related gay rights organization, announced on February 10th, that they will be sending flowers to the senators of Maryland, based on the amount of Marylanders who call in to there legislators in support of  Senate Bill 116, the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.

For every call in to the legislators, via, Friendfactor will add another flower to send to that senator. The point to sending the flowers is so that the senators can see that people care and want homosexuals to be able to marry in the state. The first deliveries will be on Valentine’s day, and continue for the duration of the bill.

According to, the flower sending is part of a campaign started by Friendfactor called “pop the question.” They want gay Marylanders to ask friends of theirs, that are straight, to visit to show their support. FriendFactor also started in order to educate straight people on the inequalities homosexuals face in America. It is also used to get straight people to support their gay friends.

All in all Friendfactor has a pretty good idea. What better day to start sending out flowers to support gay marriage, than Valentine’s day?

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