Winter 2009-10 print edition available now!

Pick up your copy on campus, or read it here at Here's what's inside Fusion's winter 2009-10 print edition.

Pick up your copy on campus, or read it here at Here’s what’s inside Fusion’s winter 2009-10 print edition.

Winter 2009-10 print edition cover
Photograph by Daniel R. Doherty

Another front for the equality battle: College athletics

> Sometimes change is happening right underneath our eyes, where many least expect it. That’s what we found out when we talked to some Kent State students about their experiences as out and open student athletes. by Kristine Gill

Messages for and from Washington

> When thousands took to the streets of our nation’s capital this past October, their message was loud and direct. The National Equality March signaled this generation’s unwillingness to stay idle any longer. by Jinae West

How to keep loving

> Coming out is an experience that can impact an entire family. Retired Temple Israel Rabbi David Horowitz, who is also the vice president of the national chapter of PFLAG, shares tips on how everyone can work to keep your family united. by Brittany Moseley

Retraining the lens on diversity education

> Companies across the country are learning the importance and benefits of diversity training in the workplace. Learn how Kent State’s Residence Services prepares its employees to best serve LGBT students particular needs. by Simon Husted

Still seeking a more perfect union

> Despite the passing of a national anti-hate crimes law, LGBT Americans continue to face increasingly significant setbacks. The solution? It may be time to rethink strategies in the fight for equal rights. by Jinae West

Behind the scenes

> Messages from the issue’s editors.

Nutritional facts

> Ever wonder how much damage your actually doing to your body on Thirsty Thursday? Find out. by Kelsey Henninger

Columbus’ Short North

> Our recommendations for a gay day trip to our state’s capital. by Kelly Pickerel

Thoughts from a Midwest GenderQueer

> We sit down with gender and sexuality activist Jac Stringer. by Christopher Clevenger

Yes, your roommate can be your boyfriend or girlfriend

> Residence Services’ policies can’t stop same-sex couples from living together. by Ben Wolford

Diversity is a pillar of excellence

> An exclusive column by Dr. Alfreda Brown, Kent State vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Advocates in administration

> Three KSU officials share how their being open about their sexuality shapes their experience here at the university. by Kelly Pickerel

Different directions, but ideas that resonate

> Read about plays made into movies that still have impact today. by Robert Checkal

Dear Carol, I’m now a proud fag hag

> One columnist shares the early root of her never-ending affection for all things gay.

Church?… Yes, actually.

> At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, they have faith in a lot of things, yourself being the foremost. by Ben Wolford

Last thought

> “Music is my life, and I happen to be gay.” — Curtis Tate, Winslow keyboardist. by Christopher Clevenger

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