You’re Hunky, and I’m What They Call ‘Predatory Gay’

Just relieved to have some Glee back in my life...

Glee is finally back after a month-long hiatus… Which was a month too long.

Mercedes ends the night with a soulful tribute to Aretha. Screenshot: Kelli Fitzpatrick


Theme. The New Directions is in desperate need of money for their trip to Nationals in NYC, as is the Brainiacs (Tina, Mike, Artie and…Brittany). They put on a fundraising benefit titled “A Night of Neglect” to collectively solve both teams’ money blues.

What I Loved. Just relieved to have some Glee back in my life…

  • Sue is back to her usual antics. Stepping away from the unrealistically cruel bullying, Sue returns to her role of, yes, a bully, but in a sneaky, backhanded way with recruited help. She forms The League of Doom, joining forces with Schue’s ex-wife/worst nightmare Terri, Oral Intensity’s advisor, Dusty Goolsby, and that pink-clad Sandy fellow. The banter is hilarious and the schemes even funnier: Sue sics Dusty, AKA “Sergeant Handsome,” on Holly Holiday to try and wrench her away from Schue. Sue then throws together the Hecklers Club, whose sole activity is to jeer at the New Directions during their benefit. Now that’s the scheming Sue I know and love.

    Sue and her League of Doom prepare to take down the glee club. Screenshot: Kelli Fitzpatrick
  • Mercede gains some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Following Lauren’s advice, to earn the glee club’s attention, Mercedes thinks she needs to be demanding and self-centered: she orders a “small barrel” full of green M&Ms, a team of humidifiers and a fluffy puppy to dry her hands on. Rachel heeds to her demands, but Mercedes still doesn’t get the closing-number song at the benefit that she desires. Just as the diva–Mercedes, that is–is about to skip out on the benefit entirely, fellow diva Rachel gives her some accurate advice: Aretha Franklin, the ultimate soul queen, didn’t demand respect–she earned it. Mercedes rises to the opportunity and belts out a truly respect-worthy Aretha anthem, decked out in a feathery headband and sparkly dress.
  • Santana is an effervescent badass. When big bully Dave threatens Kurt and Blaine before the benefit, she steps in and lays down the law: he can leave and continue his life as a douchebag, or she’ll kindly rip off one of his…man parts. And, she adds, “I have razor blades hidden in my hair. All up in there.” You go, girl.

What I Didn’t Love.

  • It looks like Holly Holiday is gone for now, after accepting a substitute teaching position in Cleveland. As she parts from Schue, she clues him in to the fact that newly single Emma still has feelings for him. As far as hookups go, Schue + Holly > Schue + Emma. The latter woman is nice and quirky, and obviously needs some guidance in overcoming her OCD, but Schue needs someone to level out his occasional creepiness. I’ll miss Gwenyth Paltrow’s refreshing and witty character, but I’m holding out hope this isn’t the last time we’ll see Holly.

Top Character Quotes.






Holly tells Schue how she feels--through song, of course! Screenshot: Kelli Fitzpatrick



  • “You’re probably wondering why I called you here at this time of night, when I’m usually out hunting hobos.” – Sue
  • “Wow. It would be hard to be married to you.” – Sue to Terri
  • “I’m both awesome and unavailable at the same time.” – Holly
  • “She’s looser than a thrift store turtleneck.” – Sue
  • “Those aren’t eggs in your fallopian tubes. Those are rare and valuable pearls.” – Sergeant Handsome

Next Week. Sources say that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” will set the stage for a 90-minute episode all about embracing one’s uniqueness. Lauren and Quinn battle it out for prom queen (TEAM ZIZES ALL THE WAY) and Emma confronts her OCD.

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