5 tips to impress your guy

The featured image has NOTHING to do with this post

Editor’s Note: The featured image has NOTHING to do with this post, but that’s because I couldn’t think of or find anything relevant. That, and penguins are awesome.

So my life this week is a little bit hectic. I am a part of a sorority here on campus, and recruitment is this week. Basically Thursday through Sunday, I will not be sleeping what so ever. My life will be consumed with Greek life and also my constant copy-editing homework. So this weeks blog isn’t going to be crazy in depth (next weeks will be!) but instead, I’m just going to write 5 tips I think all women should think about when it comes to impressing a man.


1. She has passion and an opinion – and sticks to it.
When it comes to hooking up with random girls, it doesn’t matter what is going on inside their head. They could have virtually no brain, and just elevator music playing inside there, and the guy would not care in the slightest. However, when it comes to your girlfriend – there’s gotta be some brains behind that beauty. Men (the good ones, anyway) like being challenged, and having intelligent discussions. Share your passions and opinions on politics, hot topics, and casual topics, whatever. He’s just going to love the fact that you know how you feel about something and stick to your guns about it. Don’t be wishy washy!

2.  She knows how be comfy yet still confident & beautiful.
This is something that I still get vulnerable about sometimes, so I’m sure it’s a hard one for most girls. But my guy friends have told me they love when girls are wearing sweats or yoga pants and a cut off tee and still look absolutely radiant. It’s something about wearing clothes that aren’t amazing, but still shining through them. The key is confidence (which is the hardest part). Usually when we wear bum clothes and tie our hair up, we associate it with working out, doing homework, or just hanging around the house on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do. But if you’re comfortable with your guy, and you are snuggling on the couch watching a movie – and you’re laughing and not even worrying about how you look, that’s when you’ll look the most beautiful to him.

3. She doesn’t take things too seriously.
Guys LOVE to tease girls – it’s probably their favorite past time. They poke and make fun of you, and they love to see our reaction. Taking things too seriously and getting upset at the guy is a huge turn off to them. They want a girl whose going to laugh at the things they say, take the joke, and dish it right back at them. A snappy comeback shows wit, and they’ll love the fact that you’re down to earth and can roll with the punches.

4. She can hang with the guys.

Snuggle time with a boyfriend or fling is the best thing in the entire world. My personal favorite is just lying in bed and talking with no tv, no music or any other outside distractions. But unfortunately, it can’t be like that all the time, you have to share sometimes. It really impresses a guy when his girl is confident about letting him go out to the bar without her and doesn’t check up on him every two seconds via text (If that sounds like you, look at my last blog for advice). But even better than that is a girl who can go to the bars with her boyfriend and his friends to hang with the guys. The key is not being all over him in public or acting like his overly protective girlfriend – but just sitting back and chilling with everyone else. Do something nice like ordering some wings for the guys – then they’ll REALLY like you.

5.  She can balance.
When it comes to a mate, guys look for the total package.  This includes a girl who is pretty, intelligent, passionate, involved, driven, etc. He wants you to be going to school, working, being a part of extra activities, seeing your family, going to the gym AND finding time to hang out with him and your friends. This seems like a lot, but that’s how life is.  Giving up your life and friends for a boyfriend is not a smart decision and isn’t really attractive to a guy. What IS attractive is the girl who can balance their 100 things going on, maintain that high GPA, and still have ample time for snuggle dates.
Think about these things when you’re wondering what you can do to better your relationship or if you’re endeavoring in a brand new fling. You gotta keep those guys on their toes, ladies.


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