75 percent of gay men like the way they are

When it comes to being gay or straight, 75 percent of gay men in a recent unscientific study said they would rather stay gay.
A gay chat website conducted a recent poll on whether or not gay men would turn themselves straight if they could. (courtesy of ontopmag.com)

A UK dating site released its latest unscientific study Wednesday concerning the desire of gay men to be straight.

According to ManCentral.com, the website that conducted this survey, only one in four gay men said they would take a pill to turn themselves straight if it existed.

“In recent years, there have been reports of members of the LGBT community seeking to ‘cure’ themselves through various religious and questionably medical means,” said Lee Martin, a spokesman for the site. “Whilst we strongly believe that sexuality is innate, and therefore not something that can or should be ‘cured,’ we felt the research would enable the LGBT community to recognize the importance of self-acceptance alongside wider social acceptance.”

The study found 37 percent of 18- to 24-year-old gay men said they would take the pill, compared to 13 percent of 51- to 60-year-old gay men.

For this study, 2,552 men were polled over three days, and results are posted on the site’s blog.

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