A Day in Her Shoes…and Skirt

An unnamed man dresses in the clothes of Dayanara Fernandez gets caught with his skirt down and his panties on.

Hey ladies. In my last post, I didn’t do a very good job of saying “yo.”

So next time you go to your room, I’ll be there, dressed in your clothes, and we can have a girl’s night.

Sounds good, right?

Those seem to be the thoughts of an unnamed employee of a Hyatt hotel in Deerfield, Ill.

Dyanara Fernandez, a female guest at the hotel, alleges she walked into her room to a scene of chaos.

Her clothes and other possessions were strewn across the floor, and there was a creeper of a man standing in the middle of the mess with what she filed in a formal complaint as an “unusual look on his face.”

The Hyatt-employed creep is reported to have sped off to the bathroom, but Ms. Fernandez says he didn’t close the door all the way, and she could see that under her skirt he had on her panties, a pair that this reporter believes has seen its last legs.

When he was back in his clothes, he said “Don’t tell, don’t tell!” to Fernandez before leaving, according to reports.

Of course, after the Room Disservice was called (say what you want, but every paper dealing with hotel crime needs that pun), a complaint was filed and the police were called.

The creeper was shackled, and Ms. Fernandez is suing the Hyatt Corporation.

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