Bitterly Brilliant

The stress of the competition is getting to all the designers
Heidi impersonates Gretchen's inability to accept criticism

More than needles were pricking and prodding our favorite designers last Thursday. Drama, tension, stress and all the goodies that come wrapped up in Project Runway, weighed down the designers. Honestly, the show had more drama than Gossip Girl this week.

If you’re an avid fan, you’ve done the math. Next week’s challenge is the challenge that will determine who will go to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

“The stakes are high,” said Mondo Guerra, winner of three challenges thus far, “and I don’t even like steak.”

Well said, Mondo.

The high stakes challenge in question is to design not one, not two, but three pieces for Heidi Klum’s active wear collection.

During work, Heidi comes into the work room to review the designers’ work. Mondo is the first to be rated by Tim Gunn and the major client. Heidi finds his work to be misguided and a poor fit in her collection. Mondo rolls his eyes and mutters angrily about starting over. Please. Even Mondo knew that his look was a train wreck headed for nowhere.

Speaking of heading for nowhere, let’s talk Gretchen. Heidi tells Gretchen that the fabric she is using wouldn’t go well with her collection. In a mature response, Gretchen picks up the fabric and throws it off the work table. She demands to talk about her design rather than her fabric choice. Standing there with your arms crossed like a two-year-old isn’t going to get you anywhere, Gretch.

It wouldn’t be Project Runway without a surprise. Guess what? Make one more look. No, wait. Let’s make it two more.

Three pieces. Two days. One problem.

They bring back the eliminated designers to help the finalists finish these looks.

Ivy Higa accuses Michael Costello of cheating

In a matter of moments, words are flying in the work room between Ivy and Michael C. In this heated battle, Ivy accuses him of cheating in the Jackie Kennedy challenge. She said that he used fashion tape to stick the dress to his model, which several of the contestants agreed they saw it in the bathroom.

The Jackie Kennedy challenge was weeks ago. Important? Not really, Ivy. It’s bad enough that Tim Gunn had to come into the work room and tell you to drop it.

The runway day gives black-on-black-designer Andy South a win for some strange reason. His outfits really looked like Halloween costumes to me before Nina Garcia made the connection. The win should have gone to Mondo again because he proved he could listen to criticism while pouting.

Gretchen on the other hand was finally called out by Heidi on the runway about her attitude.

“Let me give you a bit of advice,” said Heidi. “Constructive criticism is not your enemy.”

Christopher Collins, the boring and forgettable designer, finally left. I wasn’t surprised at all. His looks were Wal-Mart and Target clearance rack material. Cheap, drab and unflattering.

Honestly, this week’s show was a little hard to watch for me and judge because of all the tension. The designers are getting overworked and exhausted because of the challenges. Too bad, guys. It’s not going to get any easier.

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