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With summer waving goodbye in the rearview mirror, there’s a new presence exploding on campus; it’s thousands of young, ambitious, sometimes attractive— but permanently horny college kids.

Take for example one guy who lifts his brow at another walking through the student center,  obviously wanting something far more than a bro-mance. Then Another guy blatantly turns his head back to check out a girl who just walked past him in his classroom, and the girl just simply giggles. Folks, that’s just the PG stuff.

One thing is for certain: As the first week of class comes to an end, we are certainly studying more than just our new textbooks.

Boys, we’re excited because our Grindrs are blowing up again and we finally have cute college guys around us who have logged on… to get off (Sorry gals, I guess the app market just likes gay guys better).

But girls, you don’t need an app for that! All you have to do is strut through campus showing off your summer tan and gently used tank-tops to catch some staring eyes—and you love every second of it.

On every walkway and parking lot, in every building, and at every stop light through campus, there was more cruising going on this week than on a 5-star Disney cruise ship through the Bahamas! Don’t even get me started on the Rec. Center. But now that I mention it, I think those guys are the only ones who can pull off basketball shorts and a T-Shirt for an everyday look… just saying.

Let’s face it—this first week of class was like a big, nasty meat market.

I’m not surprised, though. Look at some of the major-selling movies this past summer had to offer like “Friends With Benefits” and “No Strings Attached”—both selling the idea that a relationship is too complicated, so let’s just have sex and call it a day. I just couldn’t help but wonder why it took straight people so long to catch on to these obvious gay-themed benefits. At least the lesbians can say they have it figured out.

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So with that said, welcome (or welcome back) to my blog, where I plan to bring you 500 to 1,000 words each week of raw and dirty reality. Don’t worry, though; I’ll try not to get too explicit. And guess what? I won’t always write about sex.

Did I just hear a gay boy sigh at his computer? Gay boy problems … wait, that’s another post for another time.

Do me a favor, though— Stop stalking the cuties in your new classes on Facebook, and remember that your actual books need some lovin’ too! Like a professor of mine sarcastically said on the first day of class: “It’s college, so yes, we require you to think.”

Just don’t be like the girl sitting in front of me who then turned to her friend and whispered, “I’m scared…”

I’ll leave that one for you guys to analyze.

Until next time…

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