Census data shows same-sex couples and straight couples share similarities

New census data and other research reveal similarities between same-sex couples and straight couples.

Census data released Monday shows same-sex couples who identify as married have significant similarities to straight couples, according to an article by The Associated Press.

Pride flag photo from  thefbomb.org/2009/ 08/back-on-track/
Census data shows similarities between straight and same-sex couples. Photo courtesy of thefbomb.org/2009/ 08/back-on-track.

The data shows nearly one-third of same-sex couples are raising children and also share similarities with same-sex couples when it comes to household income.

“It’s intrinsically interesting that same-sex couples who use the term spouses look like opposite-sex married couples even with a characteristic like children,” said Gary Gates, the UCLA demographer who conducted the analysis. “Most proponents of traditional marriage will say that when you allow these couples to marry, you are going to change the fundamental nature of marriage by decoupling it from procreation. Clearly, in the minds of same-sex couples who are marrying or think of themselves as married, you are not decoupling child-rearing from marriage.”

Along with the Census data, there was a study released by UCLA which found that Utah and Wyoming had the highest percentage of gay spouses in 2008, even though they are both very conservative states and do not have any laws that “provide legal recognition of gay relationships.”

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— Katelynd Jarvis

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