Christmas in November

Something to lift your Christmas spirit before Black Friday comes and destroys your belief in the human race.

Santa doesn't only exist around Christmastime, he's here all year long. Copyright December 2007
Most people love Rudolf, but only when it’s cold outside.  Sure, it’s cool to listen to Santa Clause is Coming to Town in July, but in June?  May?  November?  That’s crossing the line.

I’ve been called many things for wanting to hear Christmas songs before the Thanksgiving turkey even gets a chance to gobble, least among them crazy.

But true lovers of the Christmas season know that there is no wrong time for Christmas music.  After Christmas has passed and the presents have become a part of the background, I still smile and press play on a song that transports me back to that cold, snowy December day.

Even now, I’m listening to Dean Martin’s Baby It’s Cold Outside and straining my ears to hear a fat man Ho Ho Ho-ing away in a land far to the North.

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