Long Story Short, You're Having a Glee Wedding

Glee was one letter away from a fart this week--the episode was titled "Furt" for Finn and Kurt--and some moments were pretty, er, crappy...

Glee was one letter away from a fart this week–the episode was titled “Furt” for Finn and Kurt–and some moments were pretty, er, crappy…

Theme. Glee went gaga for weddings this episode. Kurt’s dad proposes to Finn’s mom. Sam proposes to Quinn (?!?!?). Sue, the crowning jewel of the series, gets all weird and stages a wedding in which she marries herself. Okay, so who served the special brownies to the Glee writing staff…

What I Loved.

  •  Carol Burnett guest stars as Sue’s Nazi-hunting mother, Doris. Burnett’s acting perfectly mirrored Sue’s snarky attitude and quick wit. The infamous actress was a great choice to play Sue’s mama, even if she is about a head shorter than the Adidas-tracksuit queen. Doris swoons over Schuester (if she only knew,) and when Sue confronts her about leaving the family to chase down runaway Nazis, Doris scoffs and stays collected–just as her daughter would. Doris even belts out a song, crooning “Why oh why oh did I ever leave Ohio?”
  • Burt continued the support for his son, Kurt. When Burt catches sight of Dave the bully shooting glares at Kurt, he corners him with an elbow to the throat, steaming from the ears. This guy was just on his death bed a few weeks ago, but his son’s happiness trumps his physical health needs. Kudos for him supporting his “out” son!
  • Singin’ down the aisle. At the wedding of Burt and Finn’s mom (anyone know her name?), the Gleeks kick start the ceremony by belting out “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. The song was airy, sweet and beautiful and reminded me of the original wedding aisle dance.
  • Fallbacks aside (see below), this episode gave me chills all over. First Burt’s touching speech/wedding vows, then Gleeks’ serenading Kurt with “Just the Way You Are” and, finally, Kurt’s announcement that he will be transferring to Dalton. I teared up at that last part, but then I realized–this will create a ton of funny drama as he competes against the New Directions, as well as pave the way to a romance with Blaine!

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Sam offers Quinn a promise ring–after knowing her for six weeks. That’s so 1800s, I don’t even know what else I can say. And then, ignoring all the hard lessons she’s been through in the past year, she accepts the ring. Ugh.
  • Chris Colfer, AKA Kurt, spotted filming an upcoming episode, dressed as a Warbler.     Photo: Copyright 2010 www.katielabovitz.wordpress.com

    Sue walks herself down the aisle, ordains the wedding and marries herself. A little too bizarre, even for her. Sue is always hilarious while toeing the line of insanity–and with this, she crossed that line. The only great part of this was her blue Adidas tracksuit wedding dress, which I think was inspired by Jane Lynch’s real-life outfit at this year’s VMAs.

  • The brawl between bully Dave, Sam and Mike Chung was easily one of the worst staged fights ever. The guys roll around awkwardly until Coach Beiste slowly and calmly breaks them up. Maybe the Gleeks should stick to dancing, not punching.
  • The “Furt” wedding was beautiful in every way, but why did the Glee club make up the entire wedding party? I’m pretty sure most of the Gleeks had never spoken to Burt of Finn’s mom before. That was stretching reality.


Top Character Quotes.

  • “I just prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorsy.” – Sue
  • “You can’t tame the tiger…You’ve read my tattoos!” – Anchorman
  • “When you and Artie would fool around, would he just…lie there?” – Brittany
  • “You and me, man. We’re brothers from another mother.” – Finn

Next Week: The New Directions shine at Sectionals, with Kurt on the opposing team: The Warblers.

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