Cleansing in Your Own Piss

Olivia Stephens and Simon Husted ask Kent State students how they feel about urinating in the shower.
Simon Husted enjoying a good time in the men's bathroom. Don't judge.

No, not golden showers. However, pissing in the shower can be pretty explosive as well, especially if that person is urinating in a shower that is shared between an entire wing of residents.

In the following video piece, Olivia Stephens and I ask students how they feel about the dispensing of urine in shower drains.

Is urinating in the shower nasty? Is it harmless? Or is it environmentally friendly? You heard that right. Although you won’t hear Captain Planet preach it, you can save the planet by doing your part to pee in the shower. That’s the message an environmental group in Brazil called SOS Mata Atlantica holds as it encourages youngsters to hold their waste fluids until they are bathing under a shower head.

It may sound gross but the group says it is better than doing business in a toilet, which requires the waste of water in the form of flushes.

One less flush each day from every household can save 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water annually, the group says.

The TV spot certainly does a great job persuading the message that waste products belong in the shower drain. What’s next to go, I wonder? Scrap food from washing dishes?

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