Confidence and Style are Synonyms

Last week I went on an irritated mid-term/stress induced rant about teenage girls with low self esteem and the baffling weather defying ways they dress in order to gain attention. Although always amusing to witness, I do not in any way think it’s good to promote or encourage low-self esteem. Which is why I find it so irritating to watch young girls do all these nonsensical things to try and fit in. This week I have decided to write about something that I am very passionate about, and that I hope will deliver a positive message to everyone.


Allow me to introduce you to my favorite non-profit organization We Stop Hate. An organization started by a seventeen year old girl, dedicated to raising teenage self-esteem in order to put an end to bullying. The organization spreads the message of self-acceptance and always being proud of who you are. The organization asked many different teenagers with large youtube followings to create a video dictating their

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story and experiences, and encouraging their viewers to feel good about who they are and to help stop bullying. The organization also gives a strong voice to LGBT youth. As dictated in my most favorite video about a young boy who knows he has never really fit in with other boys and girls his age (Click here). I actually found out about this through Lady Gaga, when she introduced the Founder on MTV’s Total Request Live. Lady Gaga was photographed wearing a WeStopHate bracelet, in support of the organization.


Ok now you may be thinking, ok cool but what does this have to do with fashion? Well my friends, confidence and feeling good about yourself will never go out of fashion. It’s the entire reason we spend so much time in our favorite store picking out that perfect dress. Because we want to feel good in it. And while you may think of fashion as more of an “outer beauty” type of deal. It is actually much more based on “inner beauty” than you realize. Have you ever met someone who was so fun to be around that any superficial flaw they may possess just didn’t exist to you, because you were so focused on their personality? It takes that same amount of confidence to wear any piece of clothing.


Style is not about who has the most expensive handbag in the room. Style is about being comfortable in your skin and knowing who you are, no matter what you have on your back. As for clothes themselves, well I believe everyone has an interest in at least one art form or another. Some people like music, some like musical theatre, some people like painting and drawing. Ever since I was a young girl I believe that clothes have always been my chosen art form, my chosen field of expression. And everyday I walk around with purple hair while wearing mismatched shoes, giant bows, and other oddities because I feel like I wouldn’t be myself if I dressed any other way. That is what fashion gives me as well as a lot of other people. The confidence to present who we are without even having to say a word.


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