D.C. Marriage Bill Passes 11-2 in Council

Churches showing their support after a passing vote. Photo by NCinDC
Church showing support after a passing vote in D.C.. Photo courtesy of: NCinDC.

Council members in D.C. voted earlier today on the  “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009,” passing it’s first vote 11-2. Upon passing a second vote, scheduled to take place later this month, the bill will then go to Mayor Adrian Fenty to be signed into law.

The two candidates in opposition to the bill, Yvette Alexander and Marion Barry, came as no surprise to the council. Barry has voted against same-sex marriage in the past after promising to support it. Upon the results of the vote Barry claimed his racial background influenced his choice.

“The African American community has  much different views on the issue,” Barry said.

After hearing about the potential passing of the bill, the Washington Archdioese threatened to stop providing services to its Catholic Charities group in D.C. Tommy Wells of Ward 6 responded quickly, stating there were other religious groups that could fill in any gap left behind.

For more information on the vote and passing of the bill visit the dcist Web site.

-Christopher Clevenger

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