Denim Denim Denim

Today I will be talking about a prominent staple in American clothing that seems to be making its way back into trend in new ways as well as old. Yes, I am talking about denim. I think it’s safe to say that anyone over the age of 6 months owns at least one pair of denim jeans, but there are more ways to wear denim than just the obvious! Some of them I happen to favor more than others of course.


Colored Skinny jeans– I remember the first time I saw a pair of colored denim skinny jeans like it was yesterday. I was in Hot Topic and they were selling them in obnoxiously bright colors, like purple, red and blue. I remember being intrigued by the idea, yet horrified by the execution. Naturally, I assumed that this was a slight fad and they’d go away with time, but it seems I was extremely wrong because now they are EVERYWHERE. Popular retailers such as Forever 21, Express and Charlotte Russe have been advertising them on their websites for weeks. After skeptical and careful research/online shopping (same thing right?) I have come to the conclusion that skinny jeans in colored denim can be acceptable when styled correctly. Pastel ones are generally the way to go, they’re not too overpowering, perfect for spring and summer, and will go with more things in your closet. However if you’re in love with the potentially cringe-worthy bright colored ones then more power to you. I implore you though, to please be careful when color blocking as to not give off the false impression that you escaped from the circus.


Colored Shorts- Now these I’m actually really excited about! It’s about time we had shorts available in colors other than faded blue and white. Unlike skinny jeans, colored denim shorts are just the right amount of color to set off any outfit, and will make a fine addition to your closet. I will most definitely have a few pairs for summer.


Vests– It is one of my strong personal convictions that you can never go wrong with any kind of fitted vest

Freshman Media Production major, Kirstie Charlton, modeling her denim vest that goes perfectly with her purple sun dress-Photo by Jackie DeMate

and denim of course is no exception. Although it won’t be the most functional item in your closet, a denim vest can always be used as the perfect touch to just about any summer outfit whether it be a sun dress or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.



    Jackets– Denim jackets are classic, but if not done right you could end up looking outdated instead of modern and chic. To avoid   looking like a 90’s reject, go for a more fitted look rather than loose. They’re also lots of fun to wear with dresses, so go buy one.



At this I leave you with one simple question…


What kind of suspenders did Mario and Luigi wear?


Denim Denim Denim.


Corny joke of the day, you’re welcome.

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