Dirty Talkin’ and Lip Lockin’

After being inspired by this week’s Glee episode, featuring the deflowering of favorite gay couple Kurt and Blaine, I decided to recount the best sex scenes of The L Word.

After being inspired by this week’s Glee episode, featuring the deflowering of favorite gay couple Kurt and Blaine, I decided to recount the best sex scenes of The L Word. So strap on your “toys” and prepare to count down my picks for the top 5 steamiest sex scenes in L Word history. Click on the couples’ names to view the scene.


5. Alice & Dana

What can I say about Dana and Alice? If playful, quirky, and spontaneous is what you love then they’re your gals. This may be why they ended up in such an awkward predicament. There’s nothing nearly as simultaneously funny and sexy as almost being busted by your fiancé while handcuffed to your best friend as you both lay naked & intertwined on a couch a few weeks before your wedding. You see, best friends Dana and Alice were supposed to making gift bags for Dana’s wedding to her fiancé Tonya. However, the two got a little sidetracked and partook in a little playtime of their own. Too bad they couldn’t get the handcuffs off of one another before Tonya and her parents walked in. Luckily, they were able to at least get their clothes back on. The events that occur when lust clouts judgment….. priceless!


4. Marina & Jenny

This scene made the countdown not only for it’s steamy girl on girl action but also for it’s underlying pretense. You see, the house that Jenny lives in belongs to her and her long time boyfriend Tim. As you may have noticed, the woman exploring her nether regions is not a man. Jenny affirmed that she had a thing for ladies after moving to LA and meeting sex kitten Marina. Too bad she didn’t mention her lesbian lover to her boyfriend. It’s a shame he had to find out by walking in on them like that, but it does make for one hell of a scene.


Learning to trust again...

3. Helena and Dylan

After Dylan nearly destroys Helena’s life and breaks her heart with a fraudulent sexual harassment lawsuit, the filmmaker returns begging Helena for a second chance. As all of us ladies know, our minds and hearts are rarely in agreement. Helena can’t deny that she is still in love with Dylan, but can she really trust her after what happened? Maybe not, but when it comes to matters of the heart nothing is certain. This scene makes the countdown for it’s realness and the emotional journey portrayed by its characters. It’s truly one of the most raw and honest lovemaking scenes of the entire series.


Tina takes control.

2. Bette & Tina

Don’t think just do! That’s apparently Tina’s M.O. during this episode. Just a little background on Tina and Bette: Tina was straight, then met Bette, they fell in love, Bette cheated, they broke up, Tina had their baby, her and Bette co-parent, but each of them has a new significant other (which adds some fuel to this already roaring fire.) I love this clip because for once Tina is taking what she wants and isn’t making any apologies for it. She pins Bette down, makes her demands, and turns their typically hot sex scenes into and outright inferno.  As far as the second half of the clip, it’s just an added bonus for all of the Tibette lovers out there.


Ahhhh... makeup sex!

1. Shane & Carmen

I’ve saved the best for last…. Shane & Carmen, one of my favorite L Word couples of all time. Perhaps my bias has landed them #1 position on the countdown.  After all, my biggest girl crush of all time is Shane McCutcheon. Who am I kidding? If I wasn’t in love with Shane I’d sure as hell be in love with Carmen. Plus, the chemistry between these two characters is so undeniably hot that it nearly melted my computer screen. And to add the cherry on top of this already melted bowl of ice cream, Shane and Carmen were in the process of making up after a saddening split. And as everyone knows, and can clearly see here, there’s no sex quite like make-up sex.


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