Eat your heart out

We’ve all heard the infamous rules. You know the ones like never order pasta, don’t ask awkward questions and never bring up strenuous topics?

While these rules are put in place to offer some kind of hope for a second or even third date, I think when it comes down to actually having an open and relaxing conversation, those rules are bogus.

If you love pasta, order it. The worst that could happen is you spill it all over yourself—OK that’s embarrassing, but that could happen with any dish, and it makes for a great story. Even better, it shows that you’re open to relax in a new situation with a new person.

Secondly, awkward questions instantly bring out the best or worst in people. Let’s say you jokingly ask something like “who’s a virgin here?” you’ll both either laugh it off or it can open doors for much deeper topics, and not just about . Talking about virginity almost always leads to discussing religion, politics and on a lighter side, bedroom etiquette.

I also often find people are reluctant to ask questions that have to do with their date’s past . I’m talking about questions like, how long was your last relationship or have you ever cheated? My only is to use your best judgment. Questions like these make for great discussion, but the answers can be lethal. I would save those gut wrenches for a later date, but if you’re looking for brutal honesty the first time around, go for it. And guess what, if your date does answer honestly, that shows great qualities like transparency and courage.

Some of you by now are probably thinking, whoa—stop the bus! Are topics like religion, politics, virginity and past relationships even allowed for discussion on a first date? Absolutely! If you’re serious about , get to the good stuff first. Most of us wouldn’t read an entire novel without reading the summary on the back or the preface in the beginning; so why should we treat a first date any differently? Get a good feel for the guy or gal the first time around, and you’ll quickly decide if they’re worth your time.

Now although it’s 2011, and traditional first date rules have basically been thrown out the window, I have to side with the guy who bolts for his car when his date brings up topics like marriage, kids and the white picket fence. These topics are great to talk about… later on down the road. I’m not against someone bringing up these topics in hopes to discuss one another’s general feelings or opinions about such things, but when one starts voicing his or her concerns about needing marriage or needing children, it adds unwanted pressure on the already strenuous first date atmosphere. So like the past relationships situation, I’d save it for another time.

It’s a first date, though, not the end of the world. Just remember to have fun, relax and be yourself.

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