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“Dinner? I had my cube of cheese today, so I’m OK.” …Don’t make me punch you.

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a date whore. And even worse, I’m a food whore. Just like any other gay, I love to get spruced up and share intelligently funny banter with the cute guy sitting across from me … and I really like food. Like, a lot.

If there’s one thing that being single, but always willing to mingle, has taught me, it’s where to take a guy (or suggest to a guy for those needing that extra push) for lunch or dinner. Save breakfast for dates number three or four … I promise I’m not insinuating anything.

Aside from learning where each guy works, goes to school, what he does in his spare time, and his dreams to one day fulfill … AKA: the repetitive surface conversation on first date, after first date, after first date that leaves me wanting to deafen my ears and pull out my vocal chords, I’ve come across some pretty great joints to grab a bite to eat.

So let me share some local (and not so local) restaurants with you, in hopes that whatever you’re eating either stimulates good conversation or drowns out the dud sitting in front of you.



Even though I wouldn’t particularly pick this restaurant before others, I save this for the number one spot because it’s affordable. If I’m paying, I’m taking you to Applebee’s. I know, college kid problems. It’s fast, too, and I’ve usually gotten good service at any location I’ve visited. I mean, what college kid doesn’t know and appreciate Applebee’s half-off appetizers? Familiarity and affordability for the twenty-something is good for a first date.Plus, if your date’s a dud, you can skedaddle in about 30 minutes from the moment you sit down. If they’re not, well, you’ll have extra time left to your own devices … I mean, creativity.



This is an authentic Kent State joint. And guess what? It’s pretty authentically Mexican, too. Aside from the awful decoration inside, it has some of the cheapest (and best) margaritas in town. From almost any fruity flavor you can think of, Guacamoles has concocted a margarita out of it. And it’s no secret that the gays love their fruity drinks, right? You might not get the greatest service, but the food and drinks are always fantastic.


3 Point

Photo Courtesy: 3pointrestaurant.com

If you have a couple extra dollars to spend, this is the place to go. It’s a new fine dining experience located in downtown Akron, and if you’re a wine-o like I am, you’ll love, love, love 3 Point’s affordable, imported wine. Who doesn’t need a nice glass of wine on a first date, anyway? It’s atmosphere reeks of sophistication but with a sense of hometown comfort. The food is mostly Italian and ridiculously delicious, and the attractive male servers walking around in their tight black shirts are an added advantage. Just don’t get caught staring, boys. Want more info? Check it out here.



If there’s one smoothie and sandwich wrap extravaganza I’d recommend, it’s this place – sorry, I’ve been watching RuPaul. There’s one in Kent, Akron AND North Canton, so you have no excuse not to try it out. If you’re busy like I am, but you really want to meet that cute guy you’ve been talking to on OkCupid, suggest Pulp for a quick lunch. When it gets warmer, you can grab a smoothie and go for a walk. For now, grab the wrap with a bottled water and take a seat for a nice chat. Choosing a place like Pulp shows you make healthy choices, and that might just make the right guy suggest round 2 – no you pervs, date two!



I’ll mention this favorite Italian restaurant in Akron briefly. First, a gay man owns it, so you know it’s gay friendly. He’s not so bad looking either for an older guy. Secondly, I hear a group of professional men … AKA sugar daddies, and mostly gay … meet there once weekly to, I don’t know, hang out? You do what you want with that information. Oh wait, you’re supposed to be on a date! This is why I’m still single.




Of course you don’t have to eat on a first date, actually most relationship experts might suggest you don’t go out to eat at all. BUT I never claimed to be a relationship expert. I’m just a single gay sharing single gay problems one post at a time. Plus, I like to eat, so I’ll never refuse a restaurant date.

There are plenty of other restaurants I could recommend, because trust me, I’ve probably visited them all – like I said, date whore. Have your own thoughts or recommendations? Start or join the conversation in the comments section!

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