Gay Ass Games: Cult of the Lamb

Art by Babz Glines

Are you gay? Do you play video games and enjoy dark and creepy themes with cute animals? I have just the game for you, Cult of The Lamb! Made by indie developer Massive Monster, this game lets you be ‘The Lamb’, a non-gendered little evil doer who has to go through rpg-like levels and defeat ‘The Prophets’ (the only gendered characters in the game). “The One Who Waits” brings you back to life after you were killed, and now have the task of assembling a legion of followers. While running your own cult as The Lamb, you can marry any of your followers (also not gendered), send them on quests, and even sacrifice them for the good of the cult. There are also many different places you can interact with in the game, including Spore Grotto! A place where Sozo (we don’t really know what his deal is,) gives you magical mushrooms to use on your followers. If I know anything, it’s that gay people love mushrooms, especially the magic ones.

Gay (as in happy) Playing!

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