Gay couples seek Washington DC marriage licenses

The Supreme Court's refusal to ban same-sex marriages in the nation's capital sparked a flood of gay and lesbian marriage licenses this week.
Gay and lesbian marriage is still possible in Washington DC. (courtesy of

When the U.S. Supreme Court denied a block of same-sex marriage in Washington DC Tuesday, gays and lesbians packed local court houses to apply for marriage licenses.

“I’m proud that our nation’s capital has recognized us as human beings who deserve the same rights as everyone else,” said Michael McBride, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Supreme Court denied this petition from gay opponents, but said they may be able to pursue a movement to repeal the act.

As of Wednesday morning, DC courthouses issued 80 marriage licenses to same-sex couples. To refute this, anti-gay protesters held banners outside courthouses and chanted that the United States was doomed.

To read more on this story, visit The Sydney Morning Herald.

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