Gay Greek Comes Out

Logan Gerken finds comfort amongst his frat brothers after coming out.

March 2010 was a very difficult time. My parents were divorcing and I had just received a message from my mom telling me that my ex-boyfriend had told her I was gay. I was at work when I received the message over facebook. My mother explained that my ex told her where we met, how long we dated and even intimate moments we had. I was devastated. I had no idea what to do other than to turn to my best friend who was in the same fraternity I am in, Delta Tau Delta. I was in tears as my whole world was unraveling. Growing up in a predominately republican and very religious farming community, I was not prepared to have this discussion. I explained to my best friend and “Big” in my fraternity what happened and he hugged me and said it will all be okay in the end. A few days went by and I still hadn’t spoken to my mom. My fraternity brothers could tell that something was wrong and kept asking, “What’s wrong? We can tell something is obviously bothering you.”

Time did go on, and one day a brother stepped aside and said, “Logan, seriously what is going on? You are not acting yourself…” I then explained to him everything and his reaction was very heartfelt. He gave me a hug and told me that the person who outed me is not a good person. He had no right to do so and that he and all my brothers would have my back no matter what. That same day I came out to the rest of my fraternity. All of them were very accepting and did not say one negative thing. To this day I am still hurt by what my ex did, yet I am thankful in a way because through that, I saw how my fraternity brothers were truly my brothers and best friends. Now I am out and proud. I live in my fraternity house with no reservations. I am very thankful now that I did come out and encourage others to do so in their own time and on their own terms.

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