Gay matters. Or not.

Here’s the truth. Some kids are gay. Just like some kids are straight.

I’ve asked a few people recently if they always knew if they were gay or straight and the answer was pretty solid: “Yes.” So, if someone’s gay, why should it matter? I heard that blondes have more fun, but obviously you’ve never actually been to a Kent State PRIDE meeting. To find a group of people that hasn’t judged me is something I never thought I’d find. Not to mention the friends I’ve made there have helped me through a pretty big problem in my life. (It’s going to be okay.) They’ve helped me understand a few things more clearly since I’ve started going, and have given me the chance to grow.

I’m not saying that my parents never afforded me that opportunity, because they certainly did. Except about my sexuality. That was a subject you never really brought up. My parents seem to believe that I’m either straight and trying to fit in somewhere, or that I’m just confused. Sure, I’m confused. Confused about exactly why my sexuality even matters. I’ve never actually been able to see why sexuality even matters! We’re all people. We live on the same planet and live our lives just like everyone else.

It’s the resources that either are or are not available to gay teens across the nation. I had very little access to any information or help when I was in high school. It wasn’t until I got to college that I found this information and found friends that were gay, too that I started realizing that feeling like I didn’t fit in in my life really wasn’t all that strange.  It’s all a matter of getting my shit together and figuring it all out.

I’m not really sure where to go, or what to say when I finally do get everything figured out, but I’m not the kind of person who’s going to run up to Mom and Dad and be like “I’M GAY” because I feel it’s not really any of their business, because of how uncomfortable it makes me feel to even think about discussing it with them. No one really needs to know if I’m gay, straight, bisexual, or whatever else I may be. It’s a personal choice NOT to say anything. I’ve run into trouble at various events in school, both in high school and here at Kent State where people were uncomfortable because they either thought I was gay or were just too afraid to approach the subject. Trust me, ladies. A lot of you are not my type.

I digress. What should matter the most is that we’re all in it together. If only life were actually that simple, right?

Does sexuality matter? Should it matter?  What do you think?

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