Gay Men and Their Addiction to Sex

Lets talk about sex. Why not be completely blunt and honest about it? Sex is great! That is something I think everyone can agree on. But why not look at the other side of sex - the addiction.
Christopher Clevenger - Editor

I’ve been thinking for a while now on what my first editors blog post would target. I wanted it to be something that would catch the attention of our audience. Something people could actually think about and debate. It wasn’t until this morning I was able to realize something I have somewhat of a passion for.

Lets talk about sex. Why not be completely blunt and honest about it? Sex is great! That is something I think everyone can agree on. But while it’s ‘great’ I can’t help but notice how much gay men are addicted to it. I feel like there are so many negative stereotypes placed on the gay community simply because there are certain people who pride themselves on getting that random fuck each time they go out to the bar.

Let me stop for a second and preface this post with this: I am not a virgin. I have had sex with more than one person and know how great sex can be. I’ve had those experiences with both people I’ve cared dearly about and people I’ve met randomly at the club. I’ve been on both sides of the argument… Now back to the post.

It seems more and more obvious the gay community is addicted to sex. We all know sex is a huge part of our culture. When we go out to the club it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see strippers or male dancers in our clubs, or to see two guys practically having sex on the dance floor. Even in advertising we see sex, basing what we buy on how sexy the advertisement is. Sex obviously sells, but why?

Here’s what I don’t understand. Why are we so addicted to it? Yes, sex is a great experience, but does it have to be such a huge part of who we are? And why does it have to be with a new guy every night? What happened to the idea of finding a boyfriend and settling down? Are there even guys out there looking for relationships anymore? Maybe I’m the only one.

You might be wondering what brought this all on. Why is this homo ranting about the gays being addicted to sex? It must have been a while since he got laid or something… Truthfully it was a chat on facebook with a friend of mine that brought all of this to mind. We were talking about how bored I am here in the middle of the country, surrounded by corn fields and farm animals, and how I miss being near the city. His response was simple and somewhat unexpected. “Yeah and no sex lol.”

Those five words really hit me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on both sides, or maybe because I’m single at the moment. Regardless of the reasoning behind it it really made me look at the gay community and think about what our priorities are.

I guess that’s just me ranting about something I’m slowly seeing more and more of. I could be completely wrong about the entire issue. Who knows? Let me know what you think about it.

Until next time, kthxbai.

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