Gay wedding may break the world record for largest ceremony

With a recent denial of gay-marriage bans in Washington DC, gay marriages plan to make a giant scene.
400 gay couples are to marry in Washington DC March 20. (courtesy of

Gay wedding plans to set a new Guinness World Record, reports the PR Newswire.

A wedding to marry nearly 400 gay couples will take place on March 20 of this year. Hosted by GLBT Wedding Services, the event will take place in Washington DC’s Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium and include a group ceremony, individual marriages and a gala reception.

“The GLBT community has always found strength in numbers when it comes to advocating for equality,” said Mike Wilkinson, Director of Wedding Services for Event Emissary. “Now we can finally stand together to affirm our love and have it recognized legally by the District of Columbia. Every aspect is being planned with sensitivity to the GLBT audience that will be attending.”

The ceremony is entitled Standing Proud Together, and will be a non-denominational, contemporary service to celebrate marriage.

“We celebrated our personal vows nearly two years ago, but we know the importance of this day to our status as fully equal citizens of the District of Columbia,” said Drew Parker and his partner Dalin Holyoak, one of the many couples getting married at the event. “We are so thankful for the people that sacrificed to make this day a reality, and can only hope that one day the entire nation will follow.”

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