I Would Pay $100 to Jiggle One of His Man Boobs.

Glee is back for its Winter 2011 season! For the Valentine's Day episode, love is in the air, as well as mono and some chubby-chasing tendencies.

Glee is back for its Winter 2011 season! For the Valentine’s Day episode, love is in the air, as well as mono and some chubby-chasing tendencies.

Theme. It’s V Day in Lima, Ohio. Whether you call it a card holiday or the best time of the year, Valentine’s Day brings plenty of treats for the Gleeks. Finn’s ego is as big as Mercede’s voice after kissing Quinn in the premiere episode Super Bowl night. Now remember, Quinn is his ex-girlfriend who is currently dating Sam, who cheated on Finn while she was with him. Nonetheless, Finn suddenly sees himself as God’s gift to earth–or at least “The closest thing to a celeb this Glee club has”–and sets up a kissing booth. Kurt receives some crazy mixed signals from cutie Blaine, Santana pulls a bitch move, Rachel grovels…and, oh yeah, the theme of songs for the club is love songs. Duh.

Finn declares his plan to set up a kissing booth. Screen shot: Kelli Fitzpatrick.

What I Loved.

  • Glee club’s standing up to Santana. Mean/pretty girl Santana loves to dish out the comments that slice a heart in two, and the Gleeks have finally had enough–so they cut her down in return. Rachel delivers the final zinger: “The only job you’re ever going to have is working on a pole!” and sends Santana into hysterics: “I just try to be honest with people! I think they all suck!”
  • Puck’s love for Lauren Zizes–whose two names are often slurred together on the show and I may just end up calling her Liz. Lauren is a big girl with an equally big attitude, sassy and strong and confident–everything that Puck needs in a woman. I love watching Puck melt and swoon over Lauren. The new character was ushered in last season and I expected, like on every other TV show, that this plump and slightly odd girl would fall to the wayside with a few lines per episode. But I forgot Glee is not like every other TV show. Instead of the big girl becoming a background character, Lauren has become Puck’s center of attention, as she’s mean to him and plays hard to get. She even stands up the football/badass stud, but the two end the episode sharing a meal at Breadsticks. Let the “big love” live on!!
  • Artie sings “PYT” as Mike Chang cranks out MJ-worthy moves. This was a fun and creative scene where Artie continues to channel his inner gangsta/smooth-talker, and Mike keeps showing off his unbelievable skill.
  • Rachel’s version of Firework. The song was a great episode conclusion, and would have been even greater if she could have melted together those obnoxious “OH, OH, OHH”‘s into a long note.
  • The Warblers’ hilarious uptight personalities. When Blaine refers to his Glee club as a bunch of birds, they scoff and act offended. One Warbler even yelps, “You dare to mock us, sir?!”
Puck serenades his big-girl crush. Screen shot: Kelli Fitzpatrick

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Quinn’s return to skankhood. You think birthing a child would change a girl–but I guess not. Quinn has started an affair with Finn, her new side dish to go with the main course named Sam. She toys with Finn’s emotions (we all know he has the common sense of a 10 year old) while hurting lovable Sam. Her fooling around ends up giving her mono (Santana –> Finn –> Quinn) so I suppose karma is having its way with her.
  • Further delay of Blurt (that’s Blaine + Kurt). It’s probably just my impatience, but I was so looking forward to some romantic sparks between the two. But, of course, Glee leaves me hanging as Blaine goes chasing down some Jeremiah fellow and Kurt gets a blow to his ego. However, Blurt did share some coffee and confessions near the end of the episode, so here’s hoping…still!

Top Character Quotes.

  • “I’m the closest thing to a celeb this Glee club has.” – Finn
  • “Don’t make me rip that weave out your head!” – Lauren
  • “That’s how we do it Lima Heights!” – Santana
  • “No one knows I’m gay”- Jeremiah; “To be honest, with that hair, I think they do.” – Kurt

Next Week. Brittany sports a plaid skirt and poodle sweater, a la Rachel; Sam channels his inner Bieber (oh God, no) and Sue Sylvester joins Glee club.

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